About the Joint Spatial Planning Department

Enlarge photo: Sitz der Gemeinsamen Landesplanungsabteilung Berlin-Brandenburg
Joint Spatial Planning Department
Image: Martin Eifler

The federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg form the German capital region. The Joint Spatial Planning Department creates important fundamentals for promoting growth and developing the infrastructure in the entire region. Thus, it contributes to the strengthening of competitiveness of the metropolitan region both in the national as well as the international context.

With the overall concept of the “Capital Region of Berlin-Brandenburg” and the thus derived State Development Programme (LEPro 2007) and the State Development Plan (LEP B-B) state planning is involved in performing the concept of “Strengthening strengths”. The demographic change (“fewer, older, more colourful”) requires protection and reorganisation of the services for the public. By revising the concept of central places state planning identified such “anchors in the space” that will be able to fulfil the duties of providing the services for the public also in the future and with a decreasing number of inhabitants. State planning determines the guidelines for an economical dealing with spaces and concentrates the settlement development on certain spaces. It stipulates the principle of internal development before external development and guarantees high-quality open spaces for a system of public spaces.

Since 1996 joint spatial planning has been realised by the Joint Spatial Planning Department.