Joint spatial planning

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The Federal States of Berlin and Brandenburg have been jointly organising their spatial planning policy and state development planning in one spatial planning authority since 1996. The Joint Spatial Planning Department (GL) discharges the tasks of the supreme authorities for spatial planning of both federal states. It is simultaneously part of the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment of the Federal State of Berlin and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Planning of the Federal State of Brandenburg. The Joint Spatial Planning Conference (PLAKO) is the supreme body for coordination and collaboration in the preparation of governmental decisions regarding the spatial planning of both federal states.

The objectives of Berlin’s and Brandenburg’s joint spatial planning are recorded in the preamble of the State Planning Treaty:
  • creation of conditions for the balanced distribution of development opportunities and potential in the overall region
  • promotion of joint spatial development
  • protection and preservation of natural resources
  • strengthening of the joint economic area to successfully compete with European regions
  • integration of the intended structure of both federal states into Europe as it grows together
    In particular, the GL has the following duties as per the State Planning Treaty:
  • development of joint spatial structure plans (state development programme, state development plans) as well as of joint structural and development concepts
  • approval of regional plans
  • development of lignite and redevelopment plans as per the Brandenburg Act on Regional Planning and Lignite and Redevelopment Planning (RegBkPlG)
  • ensuring the adaptation of urban land-use plans as well as project and development plans to reflect the joint spatial planning objectives
  • performance of spatial planning procedures
  • notification of and coordination with neighbouring states regarding plans and measures of spatial significance
    It is moreover responsible for preparatory and concomitant planning tasks:
  • keeping a spatial planning registry
  • preparation of a spatial planning report

The Federal State of Brandenburg appoints the Head of the Joint Spatial Planning Department of Berlin-Brandenburg; the Federal State of Berlin appoints the Deputy Permanent Representative of the Head of Department. Both are responsible for consensual and equal decisions regarding all important issues. The employees of the GL remain employees of the federal state authorities that deploy them. The right of functional direction is jointly and consensually exercised by the members of both federal state governments who are responsible for regional planning.
The Joint Spatial Planning Department maintains offices in Potsdam, Frankfurt (Oder) and in Cottbus.