Joint Future Concept for the German-Polish Border Region

The German-Polish Spatial Planning Committee has compiled the “Joint Future Concept for the German-Polish Border Region – Vision 2030”, which was approved by the German-Polish Government Commission for Regional and Cross-Border Cooperation in 2018. This concept is designed to improve marketing of the overall area and of individual projects, support an internal sense of identity, coordinate funding strategies beyond 2020 more effectively and increase international competitiveness. The concept is focused on the following five fields of activity:

  1. Using the advantages of the polycentric settlement structure
  2. Improving transport connections
  3. Investing in people
  4. Promoting sustainable growth
  5. Securing the foundation for a high quality of life

The Spatial Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg is providing assistance in the realisation of the future concept by supervising space-related projects. Further activities with spatial repercussions are also coordinated in terms of the future concept.