The Scandria®Alliance cooperation agreement was signed in July 2018. The official launch took place in Brussels in March 2019 during the closing conference of the three Interreg projects Scandria®2Act, TENTacle and NSB CoRe, where the first general assembly was also held. The aim is long-term cooperation in a network which spans various topics and levels in a mutually beneficial manner. The Berlin-Brandenburg capital region has taken on the chair for the first period, which will rotate every two years. A secretariat has been set up to coordinate the Scandria®Alliance. The Spatial Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg is currently undertaking this task. Working groups for areas covering clean fuel, multimodality and digitisation and cross-border infrastructure have been formed within the Alliance. It will be about promoting regional development with innovative cross-border transport and logistics solutions and ensuring knowledge sharing. As adjoining and affected areas are opened up in a sustainable way, the quality of the links between Scandinavia and south-eastern Europe will be improved via the joint projects and initiatives.