Transnational metropolitan region of Szczecin

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A transnational project was launched in 2012 with the objective of compiling a joint development concept for the transnational metropolitan region of Szczecin, involving the public authorities responsible for spatial planning in the Federal States of Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as well as the spatial planning offices of the Western Pommerania Voivodeship. The project is based on a declaration of intent from 2012 and a joint communiqué regarding the status of work on the German-Polish development concept of the transnational metropolitan region of Szczecin from 2013.
The development concept of the transnational metropolitan region of Szczecin from 8 June 2015 illustrates objectives and project ideas for several fields of action based on comprehensive analysis. It targets the organisation of demographic change as well as inclusion in European transport networks and the development of the joint economic area. The German part of the future metropolitan region is characterised by a significant decrease in population yet at the same time also by the influx of young Polish families. This necessitates new approaches to several areas of daily life. Opportunities for optimising the public service provision against the background of the special conditions in the metropolitan region of Szczecin can be defined on the basis of the investigated functionality of cities. The region is well set up for development as a model region for renewable energy sources. The infrastructural linkage to Berlin and other regions is regarded as an essential prerequisite for the successful development of the region. Here, the Berlin – Szczecin corridor and the linkage between the respective local public transport systems are of particular importance.
The future metropolitan region of Szczecin aims at occupying a consolidated position and improving its competitive capability within Europe. The concept objectives are the active seizing of the given development opportunities and potential in the competition between the regions, close cooperation and good collaboration between the metropolis of Szczecin and the cities and municipalities in the region as well as with the capital city region of Berlin-Brandenburg and other partners.
The establishment of the transnational metropolitan region of Szczecin is another example for the good development of relations with our neighbouring country of Poland. The ‘Metropolitan region Szczecin’ project perceives itself as an umbrella organisation for all stakeholders who have already been active in this field for many years and have achieved many good results in their cooperation with Polish partners.
The active cooperation on a local level is the best prerequisite for the new metropolitan region.