Area surrounding the Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Enlarge photo: Planning Map FU-BBI
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In the period of May to December 2006, the federal state governments of Berlin and Brandenburg under the direction of the Joint Spatial Planning Department (GL) and in particular the twelve Brandenburg cities, municipalities and rural districts, the three Berlin districts in the immediate vicinity of the BER airport as well as the Flughafen Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH (FBB) and other regional stakeholders agreed on a joint structural concept including guiding principles and a designated area for the further development of settlements in the airport surrounding.

Joint Structural Concept Airport area surrounding BBI (BER)

The Joint Structural Concept Airport area surrounding BBI (GSK FU-BBI) is based on the State Development Plan Airport Site Development (LEP FS) and in particular on the guidelines 10 and 11. To put it simply, these instruments provide the cities and municipalities in the periphery of the airport with a greater degree of development opportunities. The key content of the Joint Structural Concept Airport Periphery BBI includes:
  • a spatial-structural model for the airport region and its individual parts,
  • the overall presentation of the GSK FU-BBI including an intermunicipally coordinated designated area for further settlement development, in particular for industrial and residential purposes,
  • supplementary maps for industry, residential dwellings, transport as well as for nature and recreational areas,
  • first proposals and suggestions for the intermunicipal balancing of advantages/disadvantages and suggestions for the enhancement of the natural and landscape area.

A joint declaration by all involved parties regarding the GSK FU-BBI was signed on 24 May 2007 (see brochure).

Dialogforum Airport Berlin Brandenburg

The cooperation between all stakeholders was continued in 2007 and 2008 in a long-term airport periphery dialogue forum involving also the FBS airport company. Four working groups for the topics of Integrated Transport Concept, Landscape Planning / Nature and Recreational Space, Urban Building Framework Development Planning and Social Infrastructure as well as Cooperation Airport / Municipalities were established in 2007 in coordination with local and sectoral authorities for the purpose of consolidating individual subject areas.
A programme of measures for the spatial development in the airport periphery was presented in May 2008 as a result of the in-depth investigations regarding the Joint Structural Concept that were concluded in late 2007. This programme comprises the measures in the fields of infrastructure development, integrated transport and urban development, local planning, intermunicipal planning and development concepts, compensating measures as well as recreation and tourism that were regarded as having priority by the parties involved in the dialogue forum.
The dialogue forum was handed over to regional responsibility by its constitution in July 2009 under the chairmanship of the neutral moderator Mr Hülsemann and the involvement of the municipalities, Berlin districts and rural districts of both federal states in the area directly affected by the airport as well as the airport company. The office of the Dialogforum Airport Berlin Brandenburg is located at the airport ( Focus areas of the dialogue forum’s working groups include the reconciliation of interests (AG1), air traffic noise issues (AG 2) as well as the duties of local and intermunicipal development (AG 3). The latter includes the implementation of the programme of measures resulting from the process regarding the Joint Structural Concept (GSK FU BBI).