Analysis of Spatial Development (spatial monitoring)

Ensuring targeted planning and spatially related actions requires detailed knowledge of the current spatial structures and forecasts regarding spatially efficient development processes. Early and comprehensive information is required on all spatially important fields of politics in the entire planning region of Berlin-Brandenburg. This information is provided by permanent space monitoring that is carried out by the State Office for Building and Transport, division for space monitoring and the Joint Spatial Planning Department.

Regional Development Report

Every five years, the Joint Spatial Planning Department presents a regional development report for Berlin and Brandenburg; this report informs on the joint planning region, the state of regional development planning at state and regional level, on the measures focussed on state and regional development as well as the activities of the Joint Spatial Planning Department. After having adopted this report the state governments submit the regional development report to both state parliaments.

Spatial planning registers

The Joint Spatial Planning Department of Berlin and Brandenburg maintains a Spatial planning registers in order to record and update plans and measures of spatial significance. It serves as a basic for regional planning decisions.

Regional Monitoring

The Regional Monitoring Berlin-Brandenburg presents a survey of spatial relevant informations for all parts of the capital region, to find on the joint homepage of both states