Drei EU-Flaggen vor dem Berlaymont-Gebäude der EU-Kommission in Brüssel
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Region in Europe

The Berlin-Brandenburg capital region is located in the centre of Europe and surrounded by numerous regional authorities (e.g. other German regions, Polish voivodeships). The Raumordnungsgesetz [German Spatial Planning Act] stipulates that planning agencies must coordinate draft spatial plans officially with other regional authorities.

Besides general regional planning project activities in the two transnational Interreg programmes Baltic Sea Region and Central Europe play a central role for better cooperation in Europe. 

The capital region also cooperates with numerous neighbours and partners in various informal networks. The Scandria®Alliance is of special strategic relevance. The capital region is also represented by the Spatial Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg in the networks METREX and IKM. German-Polish cooperation also reinforces the capital region’s spatial ties with Poland in terms of European integration.