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About Joint Spatial Planning

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The federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg form the German capital region. The Joint Spatial Planning Department creates important fundamentals for promoting growth and developing the infrastructure in the entire region. More information

Spatial Planning

State spatial planning is the overarching, supra-local and cross-departmental planning for spatial development within a federal state. In the capital city region of Berlin-Brandenburg, this planning is the joint responsibility of both federal states. More information

State Development Plan LEP HR

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Regional Planning

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Regional planning translates the provisions derived from the state development programme and the state development plans into the regional plan. More information

Ensuring Regional Development

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The Federal Spatial Planning Act and the State Planning Treaty provide the following instruments for implementing the spatial planning requirements in the joint planning region of Berlin-Brandenburg. More information

Spatial Development

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In addition to classical spatial planning instruments such as state development/regional plans and spatial planning procedures various forms of informal cooperation and moderation have proven. European spatial development promotes the balanced and sustainable development of European regions. More information